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Waiting For You Review Shey Stahl ~Katie's Review~ 6+stars

Saturday, 16 March 2013

Waiting For You Review Shey Stahl ~Katie's Review~ 6+stars

I am speechless. I absolutely loved this book. I wasn't too sure when I was going to start a reading this for the review. One night I was sitting on my porch going through my kindle and decided I think it time to start. Well lets just say I started and never went to bed till I had it finished. I think I went to bed at like 6am. Is was totally captivated by this book. Once you start you will not be able to put it down.

I am going to do my best with this review because I feel like no matter what I say will never do it justice. It is a MUST READ!

Ok, here goes nothing. Lol. The book starts out with Bailey wanting to know what happened to her life and how she ended up where she did. Her whole life she was molded into what her parents wanted her to be. She had to wear the perfect clothes and the perfect friends and perfect boyfriend (Eric). Hmph. Eric is not the perfect boyfriend he is a scum bag. A total jerk that i wanted to climb in the book and beat senseless (ok rant over) Well lets just say the definition of perfect was the one that her parents defined as perfect. Some where along the way she lost who she was. She did not even know who she was anymore. Her parents took that from her and made her feel inadequate. While she was losing her self she lost her best friend and he lived right across the street.

Dylan was considered the town delinquent. Yes, he did things he should not have done. Yes, he has been arrested and in more trouble then not. The actions that Dylan has been making for the last 8 years was not because he was a bad kid and needed attention it was much worse and something horrible a child should never have to go through. No, I can't tell you what it was....this is spoiler free. Lol.

As the class gathers for graduation the parents take their seats and the ceremony begins and Bailey is the class valedictorian and she has a speech to make one she prepared for but threw away. She was just going to wing it. For Bailey this was a way for her to cut the stings she has been connected to for the past 18 years and when she makes her speech she notices Dylan standing in the back the same best friend she has not been allowed to speak to for the past 4 years. All in all her speech consisted of basically telling everyone to go Fu@k themselves. You go girl! Yes I cheered her on.

Needless to say her father freaks and rips her off stage and the "perfect friends/boyfriend". Come running wanting to know what is wrong with her. While she is being bombarded with questions she notices Dylan arguing with his father and getting ready to leave. When Dylan's dad punches him in his face Bailey runs to his rescue. Even though they have not spoken in years she still feels the need to protect him. With both their lives not going where they wanted the end up together on a road trip through the summer.

They go through many adventures, firsts and summer bucket lists. Through their journey you will be laughing so hard you will have tears in your eyes. Bailey is sassy and says the funniest things. Dylan is your bad boy on the outside and sweet boy on the inside. I fell in love with Dylan. Along the summer road trip Bailey and Dylan start to regain that friendship that they had seemed to have lost. Yes and sparks flew. There is one problem though. Dylan is holding a secret from Bailey a secret that could very well ruin their friendship for life. What do you do when you love someone so much, but you know something that could rip that love to shreds? And when the truth is told can their love survive or will they only have this summer to remember?

I felt every emotion in this book I laugh, got angry, I cried like a baby. It is a wonderful book and I feel honored to have been given the opportunity to have read and review this book. It is a definite 6+ stars in my book.

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