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The Enforcer by Nikki Worrell ~Katie's Review~

Tuesday, 23 April 2013

The Enforcer by Nikki Worrell ~Katie's Review~

Lacey Benoit is in need of a fresh start. Her best friend, Dr. Zoe Millis, has been begging her to make the move from Maine to California. Taking a leap of faith, Lacey does just that.

Living in San Diego definitely has its perks, such as, sunshine and beaches. The best part of moving to the west coast, however, is that Steven is still on the east coast. Catching your almost husband having sex with one of your bridesmaids on your wedding day would make even the strongest woman jaded. Therefore, Lacey has sworn off men for a while, especially men who travel a lot that have easy access to loose women.

When Lacey meets the new enforcer for the San Diego Scorpions, she thinks she might be in trouble. But she is determined to fight her attraction to the sexy NHL hunk. And she is successful...for about a day.

Anyone who love's Hockey and Hoy Guys this book it for you! I immediately fell in love with this book, being a Philly girl myself I attended many Flyers games. There is nothing like having seats right at the glass. It is a very intense sport and exciting. Nikki obviously has the same love of hockey because her details were spot on. I come from Irish and Polish nationality so I tilt ally understood the foods described in this book and I loved it. I felt like I was home again.

Jody is the Enforcer for the Scorpions. Which means he is the fighter and protector of the other players. He is the one who drops his gloves and fights to protect his brothers (teammates).

Lacey is Zoe's best friend who moves to California to start her life over after have her world collapse around her the day she was supposed to get married to the love of her life. Lacey was convinced to never trust another man again as long as she lived. That was until she came in contact with the HOT Hockey player. The Sparks that flew between them is way hotter then any 4th of July Fireworks celebration.

I loved this book because in sucked you in and told you their life story of how they because who they are today. That is what I love when I read a book all the little details make for a great story.

I was given the book by Nikki as an ARC for an honest review. I strongly suggest you put this on your TBR. It is very a very sweet, emotional and touching story. There were times I laughed out loud and times I wanted to smack the cave man. L. You will understand when you read this story. It also has a surprising beautiful ending. I can not wait for book two with Zoe and Vlad's story. I am hoping Vlad can get Zoe to let her walls down.

Thank You Nikki for letting me read your baby! I loved it. I have to give it an (ENFORCING) 5 stars. *****

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