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Learning to let go series by Hazel St.James ~Katie's Review~

Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Learning to let go series by Hazel St.James ~Katie's Review~

Hazel is from a small town in the Midwest where she lives with her husband and two children. Erotic romance is her main writing focus, but she also incorporates some sensual BDSM themes, as well as "vanilla" relationships. Her diverse background in a plethora of fields, from journalism, literature, graphic design, computer science, accounting, veterinarian medicine and even chemistry have given Hazel a diverse background on many facets of the very things that she writes about. She recently became a full-time author, giving up her day job to focus on her writing. And loving every minute of it! Hazel LOVES, LOVES, LOVES to hear from her fans! She is always willing to talk about whatever is on your mind!

Oh, Dear Lord. I have to say I was never really one for short stories. Well guess what? I am hooked on the Learning to let go series by Hazel St.James. These stories are amazing and well written and an easy read.

Prequel to Learning to let go series

Sara Lonneman is a shy, quiet college student that is struggling to keep up with the demands of her family back home in Wisconsin and her desire to have time to herself a few states away. She falls into the lap of bad boy Chris who physically and emotionally ignites a side of Sara that she herself did not know existed. When a strange turn of events puts Sara right in to Chris' hands, will she learn to embrace his teachings, or will she run from the man who could help her learn what true submission means?

Sara is amazing. You just lover her. Sara is your typical everyday girl who has her own insecurities. She is the type that wears her heart and emotions on her sleeve. Sara in currently in Colorado in college attempting to get an accounting degree. Due to a mishap that involved her books and papers she was quickly aquatinted with the bad boy Chris Lake. Woohoo *fans self*. Chris is you hot dominant Alpha Male. Under that tough exterior he is also a sweet heart. Sara finds herself in Chris's apartment. He wants her to completely submit to him. Yes, Sara has quite the submissive personality. After a very eventful night Sara wakes up ALONE!!! Now what does she do now that her bad boy is gone? The same man that rocker her foundation, is now no where to be found. Was that all she was, a fun one night stand? The thing is she will never find out because her mother had an accident and her sister called her hysterical to come home at help with the family farm. Now Sara is leaving her school and apartment in Colorado to head back home to Wisconsin to help the mother that truly does not appreciate her.

***LET ME FLY***

Book 1 of Learning to Let Go Series

There are very few bright spots left in Bryn Lonneman's life. A dysfunctional relationship with her family, especially her mother, has left her with a jaded view of the world. It doesn't help that a traumatic event in her past has left her with lingering panic attacks, sometimes even debilitating, especially when riding motorcycle with someone else. Bryn desperately wants to take control again, starting with learning how to ride motorcycle solo, so she can go with her best friend and her pseudo family to Sturgis. A freak riding accident sends Bryn to the hospital, where she meets Dr. Charlie Glynn, a no-nonsense doctor that quickly becomes enamored with the feisty biker brat. The two of them start a steamy romance that takes Bryn down a path she is not sure she can follow. Will Bryn let her past control her future, or will she finally take a leap of faith and fly?

Bryn, she is another one you have to love just because of her feisty personality. She has been dealt some hards blows in her past and her current situation with her mother and the fact that her and her sister always seem to argue whenever then speak to each other does not help her any. Bryn suffers panic attacks from a traumatic event that she is still trying to get herself over. Bryn has a best friend Corey. Sorry ladies he is her extremely hot and gorgeous gay best friend. Bryan is trying to learn to ride a motorcycle and Corey is her teacher. Let's just say she still needs to practice because she ended up have an accident that landed her in the hospital. That is where she met Dr. Hottie aka Dr. Glynn. After Bryn left the hospital she did not think that she would see him again. Needless to say fate intervened. Well Dr. Glynn is is another Alpha Male and she really feels something for Bryn, so he tries to help her with her panic attacks. Bryn feels that she has been sent a miracle because he is too good to be true. During a week of double shifts Bryn decides she wants to do what a good girlfriend would do and she takes a cooler full of food to drop off at his cabin as she is headed up the porch she see a half naked woman in only Charlie's t-shirt in the kitchen cooking dinner. Bryn is now broken hearted and has been hit with a major panic attack. After Bryn made it back to her apartment she decides to heal her panicked state with alcohol. Now Bryn feels completely not loved and unwanted from everyone in her life. Can Bryn heal herself before she moves on? What she saw at Charlie's house, was that really what she thought it was? Will she ever be able to overcome her fears and her past to live a happy life?

*** I NEED YOU***
Book 2 of Learning to let go Series

“I Need You” is the continuation of Sara’s story from my first book, “Just One Night,” and also from “Let Me Fly.”

Sara Lonneman is home in Wisconsin and finds herself falling for Darrin, the protective, strong, ex-military man that has been her salvation for the last desolate year of her life. Sara and Darrin have a pseudo relationship at best that leaves her realizing that Darrin might have more demons inside him then she can handle.
Chris Lake, the dominant, head-strong, underground boxer, has come to find her in Wisconsin, after they only spent one night together in college, exploring a Dominant/submissive relationship. He has changed a lot in the last year or so, making Sara question her sanity for participating in their passionate night in Colorado.
Sara finds herself torn between the two men. Ultimately, she has to choose between what is right for her, and what is right for her heart.

Now we get back to Sara's story. Now that Sara is back in Wisconsin she is falling for her sister Bryn's gay best friends Corey his brother Darrin. Darrin is your ex- Marine. He is dark and broody. Sara is 20 years old and Darrin is 30. Sara has been trying her hardest to get close to Darrin and have him see her as more then just "kid". The nickname he gave her. After a failed attempt of her trying to seduce him a month went by before he showed up at her door apologizing and wanting to start a relationship. Don't get me wrong things get hot and heavy between these two but that's all they really have Darrin is not emotionally able to open up to Sara. He shows his love through is love making. The question is can Sara accept him the way he is? After he has been there for her since she was little and always her protector. The
R is o e problem. Chris shows up!!! He finally tracked her down. Will she continue the love she has found with Darrin or will the one night she spent with Chris be enough to make her move on?

This series is amazing I can not wait for Book 3 to be released on March 29th that book is Club Red! I have to give this series a whopping 5 stars. It is very emotional and will make you laugh out loud. I suggest you should add this to you TBR not be disappointed.

You can stop by Hazel's blog and check this out and keep up to date on new releases at

Thank you Hazel for giving me the opportunity to read you wonderful books I can not wait for Club Red!

Happy April Fool’s Day! This is the first stop on the “Club Red” blog tour. I am so excited to be here!
“Club Red” is the third book in the “Learning to Let Go” series to date. The series was started in November of 2012, and has been an absolute joy for me to write. I have put a little bit of my own life into each and every one of the characters that I have created. Everyone has to find their own way of "letting go" of a particular hardship, problem, or life-force that is holding them back. I plan on addressing every major emotion I possibly can, all the while letting the characters "explore" each other as best they know how! In other words, lots of hot sex!
“Club Red” is a BDSM novella that is the completion of the story between bad boy, Chris Lake and sensible Sara Lonneman. These two were the main focus of the prequel to the series “Just One Night”. My fans were absolutely in love with the two characters, and they needed to have their story told. It was very therapeutic for me to finish out their story line…end what was started. The story does involve a lot of BDSM material and a few advanced techniques as well, but it is still a sensual love story. Here is a bit from one of my favorite scenes:

Chris shook his head and laughed as he clumsily removed the bread from the pan and started to slice it right on the counter top. Sara snickered at his ineptness, throwing on her robe as she walked to the kitchen to rescue him. “Gonna tell me who made this?” she asked when she noticed that the sink was void of dirty dishes, and she was positive that she did not keep yeast on hand for bread baking.
Chris played hurt as he gasped, “Ouch, Sara,” he played it up even more by placing his hand over his heart. “I do have some hidden talents, you know.”
Sara reached over and devilishly tickled his ribs. “If you have been hiding this from me, then we are going to have a serious discussion about any of your other mad skills, Christopher Joseph Lake.”
After grabbing her hands and yanking her roughly into his body, he growled in her ear. “I think I showed you some of my best work last night, little one.”
The memories from last night made her close her eyes, and sink into his frame. Being restrained and completely exposed to Chris was actually very freeing. Her body easily sank into the restraints and she could easily give every part of her body over to her Master. Now that they were back to just being Sara and Chris, she knew that she could take liberties with Chris that she wouldn’t be able to when they were in a scene, or even in the bedroom.
“You may have to refresh my memory. I think I was a bit dazed last night.”
“You were more than dazed, Sara. You were deep in subspace before you gave in and fell asleep.”
Sara smiled against his chest as he continued to hold her tight. “If that’s subspace, then I like it. Do it again,” she playfully teased.
Chris snaked his hand around the length of her hair and sharply tugged backwards until Sara’s chin was tipped up and she was looking him directly in the eye. “I plan on doing just that. Tonight, little one.” Sara saw the lust darken his eyes, and the stoic Dominant mask slipped over his face. It was near impossible with his hand tethered in her hair to lower her gaze, but the urge was overwhelming. He continued to hold her captive, not only physically by her hair, but with his heated stare, until Sara could feel her insides throbbing. Sara’s lips parted and she let lose a soft whimper.
Chris softened his face with a crooked smile as he loosened his grip in her hair, letting her face fall forward. Her entire scalp was tingling from being restrained so tightly, causing shivers to race down her spine and moisture to pool in between her legs. With the softest touch, Chris kissed her lips and slowly helped her to stand up straight again.
“It’s not a good idea to beg, little one.”
Chris walked around her and proceeded to retrieve coffee cups from the cupboard and fill both of them with his brew.
“Janelle made the bread this morning. She just took it out of the oven right before she brought it down. Told me it was beer bread, and that it goes good with honey.” Sara was still in a daze as Chris explained where their breakfast came from. With a growling laugh, Chris stuck his fingers in front of Sara’s face and snapped them a couple of times.
“Come on, Sara. Come back to the land of the living, please. Let’s eat.”

Looking for more heat than that? The really good stuff is in the book! This is just a bit of the fire….the real heat is in the book!
Thank you for reading!


Wow! I just finished Club Red! Thank you Hazel the series is amazing!

Club Red is a continuation of Sara and Chris's story. As you follow the series you will see Sara and Chris follow a kinkiet lifestyle. �� This book takes you into their relationship deeper. Chris is absolutely in love with Sara as he tells her "the sun rises and sets on you, Sara". (Swoon). I don't want to go into too many details because I don't want to ruin you expierence but this is a definite must have.

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