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Sweet Little Thing Cover Reveal By: Renee Carlino

Sweet Little Thing

By: Renee Carlino


"Ever wonder what happened after the final pages of Sweet Thing?

From his candid and sometimes neurotic point of view, Will tells all in this musical and sexy follow-up novella to Renée Carlino’s USA Today Bestseller.

Life is pure bliss for Mia and Will. They have a puppy, a loft in Brooklyn, and a new music studio on the rise. It seems things couldn’t get any better for this talented couple when life decides to throw them a sweet little curve ball.

They quickly learn that things don't always go according to plan. Sometimes happily ever after is one giant leap of faith away.
With the help of good music, good friends, and one eccentric old lady, they overcome a few of life’s little bumps to find the sweetest thing of all.

Watch this duo grow in more ways than one in SWEET Little THING."

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Cover Reveal Melissa Rolka The Pefect Emotion

Release Date

Book Summary

The story of Kate, Kyle and Reed continues in this second novel of The Perfect Series.

Kate (Katherine) Monroe is finally coming to heads with the decisions she’s made in the past to keep herself distracted at any cost. Learning to move on and forward with the conflicts in her life is harder than she expects though. With Kyle continuing to attempt reconciliation and Kate’s mom back at home, avoiding and running are no longer an option.

All along Kate’s mind and heart are consumed with Reed, but she fights to push her feelings and desires to the side. Despite the obvious pull and connection she has with Reed she finds it difficult to let him in… and trust in herself. However, Reed’s perseverance and patience never wavers and eventually he uses the one thing that had always brought them together… tennis.

As Reed and Kate begin to embark on a new relationship they face the past and the present head on. Along the way, new challenges and emotions arise testing the direction of their future together.

Can Kate forgive herself and trust Reed in order to latch onto the one emotion she needs most… love?

Excerpt 1

I don’t even care that there are now three different girls talking to Reed.  I sneak up behind him and tap him on the shoulder.  He turns around and the look of shock and surprise on his face causes me to start giggling.  He turns completely around with his back to the other three girls and gives me a smile that touches his blue eyes.  His squared jaw highlights his smile perfectly.  In this instant of a moment I decide I want to kiss Reed even if it’s just for fun and to forget.
“You’re kidding me.  Wow!  I can’t believe you came here.”
“I told you we would.  You didn’t think I would do it, did you?”
“Honestly, no, but I was hoping.  I never see you out on the weekends anymore, so this is a great surprise.”
We stand there for a minute and then he orders me a beer.  I take it, but nurse it.  I’ve had a bit much already and don’t want the spins.  He asks me and Quinn to play a game of pool with him and Matt.  Matt wants to play girls against guys, but Reed says no way that he wants me on his team.  I warn him that I am not that good, but alcohol may help my case. 
We play the game and I actually do pretty well.  Reed touches me every chance he gets and is very flirty.  It’s my turn and I have to bend over to make a shot, but to be honest I forget that I have a dress on. 
“Shit, Katherine,” he lets out in a bit of gruff tone and walks up behind me to cover me. 
I laugh at him.  “Oops, I forgot about my dress.”
“You look good enough as it is and now with a dress on.  Jesus, I don’t need to get in a fight.”  He is still pressed behind me as I continue to make my shot.  I miss completely because to be honest I’m completely distracted.
“I doubt anyone noticed, but thanks for protecting me.”  He steps back and I turn around.  I decide to be bold and kiss his cheek.

“Trust me, you were noticed.”  He moves a piece of hair from my face and the touch sends a chill through me.  “God, you are so beautiful.”

Chapter 16 – Kyle

I’ve latched onto Kate’s hand softer than I would like, but I strain my hand to comply.  Even though I’ve told her I’ll wait a little while longer for her to make a decision to try again with me I know that I won’t let her make any other decision.  It’s inconceivable to me.  We make our way into Johnny’s house passing through a couple messing around on the washing machine.  The house is packed with people I’m mostly familiar with.  I glance around and see a couple guys eyeing Kate’s entrance and I can no longer restrain myself from gripping her hand tightly.  Like always though, she doesn’t notice.  It’s part of her innocence that I’ve missed.  And just like always, it drives me mad with instant jealousy.  I remind myself though that I have to show Kate that I’m different.  Quickly, I skirt us around the predators to the counter with the hard alcohol.  After I make Kate a Captain and Coke I reach for the whiskey.  Ah, whiskey, this will calm me.
As soon as we hit the basement I see Johnny and some of the other guys.  These are the guys I grew up with in high school.  I’ve known Johnny since grade school though and we are closer than the others.  One thing about Johnny is that he always has my back, but even I don’t trust him with Kate.  I know if he was ever given the chance with her he’d jump on her in two seconds flat.  Selfish bastard.  Every chance he gets he’ll push my buttons and that means flirting with Kate.  As expected, when he sees Kate he encases her in his arms with his hands roaming too much for my liking.  I try my best to brush it off, but I pull Johnny off her before he even says hello.  The guys all laugh and Kate releases from my grip locked hand to make her way over to the girls she played tennis with.  I mumble, “fuck” because I hooked up with one of those girls during the summer I was trying to get Kate back.  She looks my way and I don’t give her a second glance.  She had a tight body, but nothing compares to Kate, as I’m well aware of. 
Then Stacy a girl that was in my class comes over to say hello.  She’s hot with long brown hair, but it doesn’t distract me from keeping one eye on Kate.  When Kate’s eyes hit mine I see something that I don’t usually see from her.  She shows me her cup is empty and I make my way to her.  I’ve never really seen her like this.  She’s usually right at my side and she never used to drink.  I’m not sure if I like it or not, but I have to go with it.  I can’t risk pushing her away when I almost have her back.  The change in her is evident, but I’m just praying this change still includes me.  As I reach for her cup I kiss her cheek.  I hesitate for a moment because she’s already engrossed in a conversation with the girls from tennis.  That doesn’t bother me.  What bothers me is that a few guys that I don’t know have joined the conversation.  I practically growl at the sight of them, but instead I force my legs to make their way upstairs to fill her cup.
Once upstairs I set the cup on the counter and shake my hands out before refilling them.  A rage starts to boil in me at the thought of any guys even talking to her.  I can’t loosen up though.  If she sees me resembling my old self she’ll run.  I’m still pissed that I have to even work this hard to get her back, but it’s my fault and I know it.  How I ever thought going away to college single was a good idea is beyond my rationalization now.  Quickly, I fill the cups.  God knows who’s hitting on her down there right now.  When I turn around though I run into a friend of my brothers.  He’s here with a couple other guys my brother knows.  They are older, but if I know them they are here to check out the younger hotter ass floating around.
“Kyle, Kyle Ross, what’s up, little man?”  Doug says with a stumble in his step.  I laugh as I shake his hand.  Doug has definitely had more to drink, which is making the conversation a strain.  He starts talking about the old days and I’m stuck here longer than I would like.  All I can think of is Kate down there with some tool hitting on her.  Eventually, Doug gets pulled over towards another group and I tell him that I’ll catch him later.
I walk through the crowd towards the back and the first thing I see is Johnny grabbing Kate from behind by her waist.  Red.  I see Red.  My fists ball up and my jaw clenches.  Kate swats Johnny away and then her eyes see me.  I can see her fear and it reels me in sharply.  Still I don’t stop myself from ripping into Johnny, really the bastard is lucky I don’t give him a blow and leave him with a shiner. 
“What the fuck, Johnny?  I can’t even get her a drink without you trying to molest her!”  My tone is clipped, but really it’s much more calm than it should be.  Kate’s presence is enough to keep me in check.  I know she’s grading me, waiting to see how I’ll handle this. 
“Chill the fuck out, Kyle.  It’s your own fault for leaving her unattended looking like she does.  Plus, looks like someone beat me to the punch.”  Before I even glance in the direction Johnny is gesturing I look at Kate to see she’s embarrassed.  I’ll give Johnny this much that he is right that I should have made Kate come with me upstairs.  She’s hot and everyone notices, but she’s mine.  Or I hope that by the end of the night she will concede. 
She whispers, “Will you two stop it, please.”  She sees her drink in my hand and grabs it.  She swiftly takes a swig and holds a confidence to her I’m not used to seeing.  Her eyes stay focused, challenging me to step over the imaginary line.    
I move around Johnny, who is already heading over to some other girl.  Stepping closer to Kate I keep my hands to myself because the urge to grab her and move her away from this dick across the pool table is fierce.  I practically spit out, “What are you doing?”
“Just playing a game of pool with Joe.  Is that a problem?”  She raises her eyebrows challenging me again.  It’s become a test, a game.  She’s forcing me to play and I’d prefer to force her to do what I want.  This is new because I have to check myself.  I never used to and it always went my way.  But I love her and want her all to myself again, so I comply to her challenge.  Back in the day I would already have been in that guys face.
“Ok, let me know if you need me.  I’ll be right over there,” I say and start to make strides in the opposite direction towards my friends.  I put both of my hands up palms facing her to show her she wins.  Before I turn around, I say, “Kate, please don’t give me a reason to be jealous.”   I’m trying my best to be cool and carefree, but the tension running through me has a grip on my emotions.   

Music Playlist

These are songs that I listened to while writing and made me think of the characters.

Somebody That I Used To Know by Gotye (Kate to Kyle)
Redneck Crazy by Tyler Farr (Kyle to Kate)
Agape by Bear’s Den (Reed to Kate) s (some of the lyrics are quoted in the epilogue)
Closer to You by Wallflowers (Reed to Kate)
Goodbye To You by Michele Branch (Kate to Kyle)
Wicked Game by Phillip Phillips (Reed to Kate)
Wanna Feel It by the Olms (Reed to Kate)
Give It All We Got Tonight by George Straight (Reed to Kate)
Come On Get Higher  by Matt Nathanson (Reed to Kate)
You Got Me by Ashley Monroe (Kate to Reed)
Everlong by Foo Fighters (Reed to Kate)
Keep Your Head Up by Ben Howard (Kate)
Apologize by One Republic (Kyle to Kate)
Backtrack by Rebecca Ferguson (Kate to Kyle)

I Knew You Were Trouble by Taylor Swift (Kate to Kyle)

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About The Author

Melissa Rolka grew up in the Chicagoland area all of her childhood and has always had a love of writing. She started by keeping a journal at a young age and then in high school she started writing poetry. A couple poems were published anonymously. Then in college she majored in Philosophy, which required lots and lots of writing. After graduating from Marquette University she traveled west to Los Angeles. There she worked for the Writers Guild of America and found herself submerged in the writers world. She worked on small writings, but never pursued them. On the side she became involved with a small theater group. Eventually she made her way back to the Midwest, where her heart belongs, and worked in business for several years. She found love, got married and has two beautiful children. Being at home has allowed her to keep following her love of reading and writing.

The Perfect Distraction is her first full length novel. A second continuation of this story is in the works with hopes for a third. When Melissa is not writing she is caring for, playing with and loving her two kids. In between taking care of her family and writing she almost always has her nose buried in her Kindle.


Amazon Link - Book 1

 Author : Melissa Rolka
Genre: New Adult Romance

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FEBRUARY 23, 2014
Book Summary

I'll be honest with you—I'm no hero. Sure—the media tries to brand every Navy SEAL as some kind of Batman dressed in cammies. There’s even a line in one of our cadences—"superman is the man of steel, he ain’t no match for Navy SEAL." You've seen the movies—we're indestructible, invincible, invulnerable. But that night, the one you read about in the papers—all I really wanted to do was get laid.

One harmless fuck with a Curaçao whore—no strings attached. I picked her out of a lineup—wild, dark hair, long legs and a crooked smile. After she sucked me off, I relaxed back onto the creaky, cum-stained cot, thankful for the blissful moments she gave me when I actually forgot for a second the faces of my buddies who died because I made the wrong call, the tears of the children I couldn't save, and the eyes of the enemies I slaughtered during their last seconds of life. 

But before I left, her green eyes peered into my soul. She whispered in a distinct So Cal accent, "My name is Annie Baylis. I'm an American citizen. I was kidnapped from a cruise ship five years ago. You're my last hope. Please save me."

One desperate plea. This wasn’t a Hollywood blockbuster or a New York Times best-selling thriller. I knew that this time there was no room for excuses, no margin for errors. I had one chance to put the cape on and be her hero.

Read Chapter One Now!!!!
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About the Author:

Alana Albertson is the former President of both Romance Writers of America’s Young Adult and  Chick Lit chapters and the founder of Academe Advantage, a college admissions & test preparation company. Alana Albertson holds a Masters of Education from Harvard University and a Bachelor of Arts in English from Stanford University.


A recovering professional ballroom dancer, Alana currently writes contemporary romance and young adult fiction. She lives in San Diego, California, with her husband, two young sons, and four dogs. When she’s not spending her time needlepointing,  dancing, or saving dogs from high kill shelters through  Pugs N Roses, the rescue she founded, she can be found watching episodes of House Hunters, Homeland, or Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders: Making the Team.

Amazon Link:

Author: Alana Albertson
Genre: New Adult Romantic Thriller


Release date:

January 30th


Romance has met its most unlikely match-up…

Luke Bradford is a chocolatier on a mission.  After moving his chocolate shop, and newly single life, to the quirky town of Cactus Creek, Luke wants nothing more than to devote all his energy into making his business a success—by taking the romance market by storm.  But his grand plans get thrown for a loop when he locks horns with the feisty beer-brewing beauty next door who calls his ‘romantic idealism’ a load of fairytale bull.  Soon, driving the woman sparking nuts becomes another wickedly fun priority he simply can’t get enough of. 

In his defense, she’s addictively easy to incite…and plain impossible to resist.

Beloved local brewmaster Dani Dobson is beyond riled up.  It’s bad enough the new shop owner in town comes locked and loaded with both a distractingly rugged charm and sexy flashing dimples, but the whole only-in-the-movies variety of romance he’s selling—the kind her world has been crushed by before—is really doing a number on her allergy to unrealistic clichés.  What’s worse, he’s created an annoyingly clever ad campaign that dubs ‘beer joints’ like hers as the “cave where romance goes to hibernate.”  The nerve of that man.

Combustible chemistry or not, damn it, this means war.  The stakes…very likely, her heart.

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Author Bio:

Violet Duke is a former professor of English Education who is ecstatic to now be on the other side of the page writing wickedly fun contemporary romance novels.  Besides writing and feeding her book-a-day reading addiction, she can often be found tackling reno projects with her power tools and trying pretty much anything without reading the directions first, or cooking 'special edition' dishes that laugh in the face of recipes.  Violet lives in Hawai'i with her two cute kids and similarly adorable husband.

The characters are intertwined and make an appearance in Love, Chocolate, and Beer so make sure to grab these and stay connected with all of the characters.  Violet has put them on sale for a limited time so make sure to grab them while you can.

Amazon Links:

Cactus Creek

Violet Duke

Contemporary Romance

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Interview with a Master By Jason Luke

Photo: Coming in February 2014.
Excerpt: 'Interview with a Master'

I shook my head. “There are two problems. Men are scared of trying anything sexual they are unfamiliar with. And men have no idea how a woman feels. They don’t understand what’s required to make BDSM sex-play work for the woman.”
Letitia made her eyes wide and raised an eyebrow at me in an artful challenge. “And you do understand women?”
“I understand what women need to make BDSM work in their bedroom,” I said.
She sat back on the chair and reached for a new page in her notebook. “Well,” she said with a smug little mocking smile, “this should be interesting. If you’re right, then what you’re about to tell me is the secret to success for the average married American man. I’d hate to miss a single word.”

Excerpt: 'Interview with a Master'

“I expected you would be just as demanding and just as ruthless in your personal life – with your submissives, I mean.”
I frowned. “What makes you think I’m not?”
She looked surprised. “A candle-lit dinner on a rooftop? It’s not what I expected of the formidable Jonah Noble.”
“You’re not one of my submissives,” I pointed out. “And you’re not a business rival.”
She smiled. “So what does that make me?”
I considered the question carefully. I tasted the wine. It was good. “Right now it makes you a mystery,” I said slowly. “A fascinating puzzle.”

Excerpt: 'Interview with a Master'

Letitia hunted through the long rack of clothes. She swung her head from side to side, setting the blonde cascade of her hair swaying, and then tugged at the buttons of her blouse. She had her back to me. The soft silk slid down over her shoulders and I could see the lustrous skin of her back and the stark white straps of her bra. 
She reached behind her and the sound of a zip being drawn down was surprising loud in the silence. She squirmed and wiggled her hips like a dancer, and the skirt she had been wearing slid down around her ankles.
She stood on her tiptoes, staring into the dark recesses of her wardrobe. I could see the firm toned planes of her narrow waist, the womanly swell of her hips, and the clench of her bottom. I could see the outline of her long sculpted legs and the tantalizing lace pattern of sheer white panties.
“Good evening,” I said.
Letitia yelped and spun round, wide eyed with shock and fear. Instinctively her hands flew to cover herself. She cringed in the half-light, hunting the shadows wildly until she saw the silhouette of me sitting by the window at last.

Excerpt: 'Interview with a Master'

She shook her head and then scraped her fingers through her hair. She was trembling with the after-effects of her fright, and her breathing was ragged. She started to say something else, then realized she was standing half-naked in front of me, wearing nothing more than a lace bra and a skimpy sheer pair of panties.
She snatched at a robe hanging behind the bedroom door and wrapped herself in it. 
“You aren’t going to hurt me – are you?” her voice dropped and became suddenly tentative. Her breathing was short and quick as if she had run up a flight of stairs.
I smiled wolfishly. “Not unless you would like me to.”

Excerpt: 'Interview with a Master'
She tilted her head to the side, as if she were trying to see me from a different angle. She looked mystified, and she shook her head slowly.
“You have a reputation for being a hard man,” she said. “Everyone I spoke to told me you were a ruthless businessman. A heartless bastard,” she said without any trace of guile. 
There was a bottle of wine chilling in a silver ice bucket beside the table. I filled both our glasses.
“Guilty as charged,” I said agreeably. “Whoever you spoke to is absolutely correct.”

Excerpt: 'Interview with a Master'

Letitia’s breath quickened as I drew nearer. I stopped when we were only inches apart – so close I could almost hear her heart thumping within the cage of her chest and sense the ripples trembling throughout her body. The space between us seemed to tingle with electricity. It was dark outside now. Letitia’s face was turned up to mine, her lips slightly parted, glistening soft and moist.
She swallowed hard. Her eyes searched mine.

Excerpt: 'Interview with a Master'

I came across the room – three quick strides so that I was standing close to her. Close enough to smell her cheap perfume and see the discomfort and panic beginning to rise in her eyes. I stared, neither of us speaking or moving for several seconds.

Excerpt: 'Interview with a Master'

“Before we go any further, I must warn you that the things I am going to share with you throughout this interview are very explicit. I can either censor the descriptions, or I can tell you in detail. The choice is yours. But if you want the detailed explanation, then you must be prepared for graphic language. I’m no fan of political correctness, so you can’t expect me to keep apologizing if your delicate, sensitive ears are offended by language.”

Excerpt: 'Interview with a Master'

“I researched you, sir. You’re the subject of my interview.”
I nodded. “Well to understand me, you need to understand the BDSM lifestyle. Not many people do. Most people have preconceived notions about the role of the Master and the role of the sub. I think if more people understood the reality, they’d be less inclined to classify the lifestyle as abusive, or demeaning. Those kind of comments come from ignorance.”

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~The Real Series by Katy Evans~

Wednesday, 8 January 2014

~The Real Series by Katy Evans~
Katie's Review
Remington Tate has a bad-boy rep in and out of the ring, a granite-hard body, and a raw, animal power that sends his female fans into a frenzy. But from the moment their eyes lock, the only woman he wants is Brooke Dumas. His desire is pure, all-consuming, and REAL.

Hired to keep his perfect body working like a machine, Brooke finally has the lucrative sports therapy job she's been dreaming of. But as she tours the dangerous underground fighting circuit with Remy and his team, Brooke's own body becomes alive with the most primal of hungers. If what happens between Brooke and Remy is ever as light as a flirtation, it quickly becomes an erotic obsession for them both, and promises so much more.

But their white-hot lust has a dark side--and when Remy's deepest secret comes to light and Brooke's familial duties demand action, will the pair be able to hang on, or will everything that once seemed so real suddenly fade away like an illusion?

Amazon Buy Link

“I will do anything to make her MINE.” —Remington Tate 
In the international bestseller REAL, the unstoppable bad boy of the Underground fighting circuit finally met his match. Hired to keep him in prime condition, Brooke Dumas unleashed a primal desire in Remington “Remy” Tate as vital as the air he breathes . . . and now he can’t live without her. 

Brooke never imagined she would end up with the man who is every woman’s dream, but not all dreams end happily ever after, and just when they need each other the most, Brooke is torn away from the ringside. Now with distance and darkness between them, the only thing left is to fight for the love of the man she calls MINE.

Amazon Buy Link

In REAL and MINE, Brooke introduced you to Remington Tate. Now witness their story through his eyes. What moves a man as complex as Remington Tate? Let him tell you in his own words. . . .

Underground circuit fighter Remington Tate is a mystery, even to himself. His mind is dark and light, tortured and enlightening. At times his actions and moods are carefully measured; at others, they spin out of control. No woman before Brooke Dumas has ever glimpsed his deepest secrets, his most intense passions. But from the first moment he laid eyes on her, he knew, without a doubt, she would be the realest thing he’s ever had to fight for. Through it all, there’s been one constant: wanting, needing, loving, and protecting Brooke. Now, as the couple takes their overpoweringly sensual bond to the next 

level, enter the unique mind of Remington Tate, Brooke’s Real.
Amazon Buy Link

When you start a series with a hot, alpha, bad boy underground fighter you know this is going to awesome.  Remy oozes sex from that first cocky smirk on his face.  Brooke is your shy, determined straight arrow.  I have to say this is the first series that I have fell in love with the hero and heroine from the very beginning.  This series will make your laugh, cry, want to hit someone, and make your panties spontaneously combust.  Maybe not in that order but it will happen trust me. 


Remington "Riptide" Tate-  *Swoons and Fans self*  Just saying his name after reading this series can get you all worked up.  Remy is an underground fighter that has suffered some hard blows growing up.  Even though all the terrible things he has been through, he still has a heart of gold.  You will love him black and blue.  I know I do.

Brooke Dumas- Brooke is the kind of woman any one can get along with.  She is the type of woman that you could have as your best friend.  I love her because I can relate to her ferocity in the way she is out to protect the ones she loves.  She will stop at nothing to protect her LION.

I am going to leave you with a word of advice.  When you start this series make sure to buy all three at the same time, because once you finish you are going to want to immediately begin the second.  I will be honest after I read Real and Mine I waited up all night waiting for Remy to be released and appear on my kindle so I could immediately start reading.  This series on the top of my favorites list if not THEE top.  Believe me when I tell you that you will fall madly in love with Brooke and Remy and they will always be with you.  I have been done with this series for a while and it still so fresh in my mind that I feel like I read it yesterday.  I recommend the paperback versions because this is a series you definitely want on your shelf.

Katy Evans Web Page Katy Evans Link

Katy Evans grew up with books and book-boyfriends until she found a real sexy boyfriend to love. They married and are now hard at work on their own happily ever after. Katy loves her family and friends, and she also loves reading, walking, baking, and being consumed by her characters until she reaches “The End.” Which is, hopefully, only the beginning…

Katy's Newsletter  sign up to stay up to date with Ripped and Raw.  I am soo excited.

Stripped by Jasinda Wilder ~Katie's Review~ 5*****Star Review

Thursday, 15 August 2013

Stripped by Jasinda Wilder ~Katie's Review~ 5*****Star Review

~Katie's Review~


So how did I get myself into this situation, you ask? Simple: desperation. When you're faced with being homeless and hungry or taking off your clothes for money, the choice is easier than you'd imagine. That doesn't make it easy, though. Oh no. I hate it, in fact. There's nothing I'd like more than to quit and never go into another bar again, never hear the techno beat pulsing in my ears again, never feel the lecherous gazes of horny men again.

Then, one day, I meet a man. He's in my club, front and center. He watches me do my routine, and his gaze is full of hunger. Not the kind of desire I'm used to though. It's something different. Something hotter, deeper, and more possessive. I know who he is; of course I do. Everyone knows who Dawson Kellor is. He's People Magazine's Sexiest Man alive. He's the hottest actor in Hollywood. He's the man hand-picked for the role of Rhett Butler in the long-awaited remake of Gone With the Wind.

He's the kind of man who can have any woman in the entire world with a mere crook of his finger. So what's he doing looking at me like he has to have me? And how do I resist him when he looks at me with those intoxicating, changeable, quicksilver eyes?

I'm a virgin, and he's an American icon of male sexuality. I'm a stripper, and he's a man used to getting anything and everything he wants. And he wants me. I know I should say no, I know he's the worst kind of player...but what my mind knows, my body and my heart may not.

And then things get complicated.


I have to start off by saying that anything by Jasinda will never be disappointing, but I am sure if any of you have read her books you already know this.  I personally found this to be an amazing read.  It covers all of the emotions that you need in a great book. 

Grey is a preacher's daughter.  Her father is beyond strict and she is sheltered to a fault.  Her father is a Baptist preacher and he lives by the Word.  Poor Grey has no room for error when it comes to her father.  He is extremely unreasonable.  Then again that I my opinion.  I am not a preachers child.  I get the whole no sex before marriage thing.  Let's look at this, this way.  Are you going to go to a store buy a pair of shoes without trying them on?  What if when you get home they are too small and don't fit right?  Are you going to wear them the rest of your life uncomfortable?  No, I didn't think so.  That is my theory on that.  Anyway, I am getting off track here.  Grey, yes.  She is a sweet southern Georgia Peach.  While Grey is in high school she takes on dancing that is her love.  That is the only way for her to express her feelings, through dance.  She also takes a liking to film class and when she is accepted to USC her father is beside himself.  Then tragedy hits and a family falls apart.

Once in LA Grey is on her own.  She finds out that the scholarship she had to attend school is not going to cover what she thought it wood and is now trying desperately to find a job to cover tuition, dorm and food.  She has applied everywhere she could an no one is hiring. That is when a bus ride comes across Erotic Nights and she has no other choice but to strip or starve.  The poor thing she was like a fish out of water.  A girl that never even kissed a boy is now forced to strip to pay her way through college.  This is where my heart broke for her.  Other times I wanted to slap her, period.

Dawson Kellor, what an amazing beautiful man.  That is all I need to say.  I'm just kidding I wouldn't leave you hanging there like that.  Dawson is an actor,  he is going to star as Rhett in the film Gone With the Wind.  He is your typically hot male hero.  He is tall, dark hair and mood changing eyes and built like a shit brick house.  Dawson is just coming back to the acting scene after rumors were spread of his uncontrolled lifestyle.  He is finally back and ready for business.  This is where he meets Grey.  I have to say Dawson will be one of those book boyfriends that you will never forget.  He is sweet, loving, caring, sexy and HOTTTTT!!!

Talk about opposites attract.  They are polar opposites but the magnetism between these two is unreal.  It is scorching HOT!   I have to say I am really happy that I had the opportunity to receive an ARC for an honest review.  I have not read one of Jasinda's books that I have not loved.  I would like to read more on Dawson and Grey and hear more of their future together.

    Dawson & Grey                    



New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Jasinda Wilder is a Michigan native with a penchant for titillating tales about sexy men and strong women. When she’s not writing, she’s probably shopping, baking, or reading.

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