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Destiny Ever-Changing Tasha Ivey ~Katie's Review~

Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Destiny Ever-Changing Tasha Ivey ~Katie's Review~

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WOW!!! This book is absolutely amazing. It is so well written that you feel more like you are in a movie then actually reading a book. I was hooked the moment that I read the first page. It is definitely one of those books that you cannot put down. So be prepared when you start to dedicate you time because it is impossible to stop once you have started. With this book you are never bored. You are always wondering what will happen next. Destiny Ever-Changing will take you through a roller coaster of emotions. I laughed, cried and even wanted to beat the tar out of the infamous Alex.

Laura Carey is one of those girls that would automatically be someone you would consider an awesome friend. She is so loving and caring you can't help but feel for her and love her. She is one of those friends that you would never want to lose. Of course, as you know the good always finish last. It is very unfortunate for her the situations life has handed her. Laura never sunk into a black hole she just pulled up her big girl panties and tried to take life by the horns. When she caught Alex cheating on her I wanted to crawl in the book and choke him myself. He is just one of those types of guys that get under your skin a complete egomaniac. In so many words Laura told him to stick his head where the sun doesn't shine. (You Go Girl!!!!) Wanting to escape what her life had turn into she was heading back home but detoured to her Nana's home. This is where she learns a lot about her mother and finds her mother's old journal and she tries to repair her life buy trying to live in her mother's journal entries. This is definitely where you will need the tissues. Right down the road from her Nana's house is where she meets Brooks. (Swoon)

Brooks is just one of those drop dead gorgeous men and he has no idea of how awesome he is. Being pushed into a terrible situation by his father he is completely miserable. His fiancée Jacqueline is quite a piece of work and it seems her whole objective is to make him absolutely miserable. She is a very unlikeable twit. As you can tell I'd like to stick her in the same place I want to stick Alex. When you think about it you need to have those kinds of people pass you by in life to make you appreciate those who genuinely do care. My heart absolutely broke for Brooks. Brooks is the man that every deserving woman is looking for handsome, sweet, caring, protective and loving. I fell in love with him from the beginning. He is incredibly awesome. I am telling you when you get to the point of the books where they meet you will be hysterical. Even in his sullen state you love him.

It is true that destiny is ever changing you never know what fate can bring you. Fates definitely has plans for Laura and Brooks, but are those plans the ones that they want? Are they the ones that will make them happy? Does destiny always bring people together romantically or just as friends? I guess you are going to have to read this amazing story to find out how this books ends. Destiny Ever-Changing has absolutely moved to my top 10 favorite books. It will grab a hold of your soul and make you feel things that you may have never thought were there. I cannot express enough nor do enough justice for this book. It is absolutely an amazing read I would strongly suggest that you ass this to you TBR list. This is one book that you will never regret reading. I am so happy that I had the chance to read this book.

Tasha Ivey is a literature fanatic, whose love for the written word fostered her development into the writer she has become. A lover of an extremely erratic mixture of literature, she has been influenced by authors from Jane Austen and E.M. Forster to Charlaine Harris and Alyson Noel. But her biggest influence and literary hero? Nicholas Sparks. Aside from writing, since she doesn’t have anything other than a shriveled up prune on the left side of her brain, she prefers to spend her time being creative in other ways like painting, cake decorating, and various types of crafts. That is, if the constant voices streaming through her head allow her to stop making up stories for a while. Lucky for her, she has a huge supportive family, including her amazing husband and two kids, who doesn’t complain too much when she hangs out with her characters more than she does with them. She is currently working on her second novel, Every Breath, which is due to release this year, and she also plans to start a sequel to her first novel, Destiny Ever-changing, this summer.

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