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Let it Go by Brooklyn James ~Katie's Review~

Let it Go by Brooklyn James ~Katie's Review~

Let it Go
Brooklyn James

Savannah Bondurant, a marriage and relationship columnist for the Savannah Sun Times, just signed her divorce papers. Brody McAlister, the elusive and smoking hot gym boy, has finally recovered from his divorce three years ago. Be it spurred by loneliness or sheer attraction, the two slip into the sheets for a memorable one-night stand.  Savannah's pesky ex-husband continues to try and worm his way back into her life, insisting they remain friends, even though he is living with his jealous new girlfriend. An up-and-coming woodworker artist, Brody has every socialite cougarin town promising him success and riches, for a price, of course.  With two advice-giving older sisters, one fiercely single and one seemingly happily married, Savannah learns her parents' long and successful relationship does not come without its own secrets. Why should she believe in happily ever after? Her constant overanalyzing and skepticism bodes well in her profession as a journalist, but proves counterproductive in her personal life. Divorce, guilt, suspicion, holding on to the past—can Savannah trust in Brody to help her Let It Go...

This book is a great book for someone who is going through relationship troubles or recently divorced or even on a perfect relationship.  Savannah is recently divorced from her firefighter ex hubby Jack after 8 years of marriage.  As much as Savannah wants to move on and heal Jack has another thing in mind.  He is really immature and has some serious coping issues.  While Savannah is trying to move on with her life she visits the gym four nights a week to help take up some of her time so she is not home lonely.  While she is at the gym she comes across hot and hunky Brody aka Gym Boy.  Brody is such a sweetheart.  He is loving, considerate, mature, goal oriented, and a family man.  He too has suffered a divorce 3 years prior.  Brody is a great match for Savannah because he loves that she is independent and a hard working career woman.  He is not threatened by her success he boosts her up.  The problem with her and Brody is that Jack can not accept the fact that Savannah signed the divorce papers and they are officially divorced.  He can not move on even though during their separation he found comfort in other women.  The only thing left to answer is can Savannah and Brody get past their "past"  and all of the deception and betrayal.  Can they survive their exes and create a healthy relationship together?

The only thing that upset me about the story was the ending.  I was hoping for a more detailed ending a little further into their relationship.  I am guessing it ended the way that it did because there will be a follow up book.  It may be wishful thinking but I would love to see where Savannah and Brody's future end up.  This is a very easy read and you fall in love with the characters.  You will love Brody and his man talk.

Brooklyn James is the Author of Let it Go and The Boots My Mother Gave Me.  Head on over to Amazon and grab your self a copy of these wonderful books.

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