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Friends with benefits C.C Wood Katie's Review

Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Friends with benefits C.C Wood Katie's Review

Is it Hot in here or is it just me? I was never a big fan on reading novellas but I think I changed my mind. The only problem I ever had with them is that they are too short. I am usually one that likes a full out novel. Then again when I started reading this I started to think differently. I realized that novella's are great for when you don't have the time to spend you whole day reading and you just want a pick me up. This is absolutely one that you would want to pick you up. (LOL)

Where do we start? Natalie *Nat* is hysterical. I guess I found her funny because she is a complete smartass just like myself I might add. I guess I felt a kinship there. She seems to have some trouble finding a man that is not a complete psycho. That is UNTIL Mr. McHotness moves in next door. Yes, I said Mr. McHotness I am sorry I can't think of a hotter name for him my eyes are still scorched from reading this book. (He he) Mr. McHotness aka Aidan if it must be, is exactly that hot gorgeous and a manly man that exudes testosterone.

Nat meets Aidan in a kind of crazy way. She is having issues with psycho Jack and let's just say Aidan diffused that situation quickly. Nat (Natalie) has a best friend Cat (Catherine) lol kind of like Dr. Seuss. Cat is the very opinionated friend that is a commitment phobe. She talks Nat into walking on the wild side and instead of a relationship to try the friends with benefits. After convincing herself that she can do this without getting attached she jumps right in and has the time of her life, until her heart starts feeling otherwise. Can she manage to keep going on with the F.W.B. or does she want more with the hot hunk? I guess you are going to have to read to find out! Sorry people I can give away all the juicy details and that is exactly what they are. But read quickly because the pages ignite.

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